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Wusu Beer Long Neck 620ml x 12


Size and Packaging 尺寸和包装: 12 x 620ml

Closure 封口方式: Crown Seal 皇冠盖密封

Alcohol by Volume (ABV) 酒精含量: 4%

Beer Style 啤酒类型: Lager 拉格尔

Introducing Wusu Beer Long Neck, an exquisite offering that brings the rich, authentic flavors of traditional brewing to your table, now available in an impressive 620ml long neck bottle, thoughtfully packaged in cases of 12, with a perfectly balanced 4.0% alcohol content. This carefully crafted beer is a tribute to the time-honored traditions of brewing, tailored for those who cherish the heritage and simplicity of a genuinely good beer.

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